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Lindsay Ritch Album 5 - The Calm Before the Storm

Released in May 2009, produced by Willie Logan, this is original music with a maritime feel, in a celtic style, written and performed by Lindsay Ritch.

The Calm before the Storm Front Cover

The Calm before the storm, Back, Back Cover

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Beyond the Harbour Walls
Sea, Salt and Sails
Lullaby for the Lost
The Homecoming
Time and Tide
The Kilberry Road
The Calm before the Storm
An Teallach
The Gathering
Lay the White Horses to Rest
The Fisherman/Seven Kinds of Fish
Catch Me if You Can
Far Across the Water

Art work Facts. The photographs on the front and back covers of the Album "The Calm before the Storm" were taken at the Nether Largie Standing Stones, Temple Wood, Kilmartin, Argyll, Scotland. Photographs by AntP.

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