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Lindsay Ritch Previous Material - The Pigswill Years

Pigswill was formed by Lindsay and Irish singer Finnian McGurk, the former lead singer of Celtic Rock band 'Albannach', in the mid 1990s. Other musicians involved in the band were Dave Fleming, Nigel Sandeman, Chris Henderson, Chris Rasdale and Stuart MacGregor.

The band predominantly toured the Highlands of Scotland but did venture out to North Wales for the Eisteddfodd every year. The first album '...allegedly' was released in 1996 under the temporary name - Dark Horse - then reverted to Pigswill for the final album in 1999 'A Twist in the Tail'. Below are MP3 sample tracks from the album "Twist in the Tail".

Pigswill - A Twist in the Tail.

MP3 Sample Track Listing.

I'm a Raggle Taggle Gypsy

Happy to Roam

Copperhead Road

Crazy Man Michael


Black Serpent

Ride On

True Love knows no Season

The Hills of Donegal.

Other Tracks on this Album

King of the Fairies

Karla with a K


The Wreck of the
Edmond Fitzgerald

Will You?


This album is currently deleted.



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